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The doctors advised as to warm the hands in the cold

Врачи посоветовали, как согреть руки на морозеThis problem is faced by all.

Hundreds of hands and feet in cold weather – a frequent phenomenon, however, there are lucky, whose circulation is so good that they practically do not take frost. The rest have to suffer and suffer stay on the street. Is it possible to warm your hands in cold? Give some simple but very effective tips.

Before the frost…

…eat a full meal. You will be less cold, if before going to the street tightly to eat, and your diet will include fats: lard, butter, fatty fish and so on.

…do not drink alcohol. Alcohol dulls the sensitivity to cold you may not even notice the moment your hands will turn into Popsicles.

…take care of warming. Now on sale there are special packages sogrevaya. They are small, fit in mittens, when you print a batch, it starts to produce heat, which is enough for 4-5 hours in the cold.

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However, you can use an old and trusted folk remedies: pour into mittens grated ginger or mustard powder. They will warm your hands in cold.

Choose the right “clothes for your hands.” Heat is stored in mittens better than gloves in which the fingers are disengaged. If it’s really cold, you can wear the first gloves, and then mittens. Carefully insulate the wrist joints: these are large vessels, and if the wrist starts to freeze, and fingers will freeze. Choose such clothing to sleeved jackets or sweaters and mittens was left naked body.

Charging for hands. Before you go out in the cold, do intense exercises for the upper body. 15-20 minutes of charging the blood to the hands and you will not freeze so much.

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On the street…

…do not smoke! Smoking causes vasospasm. They are so poorly supplied with blood in the cold and Smoking, you will exacerbate the situation.

…breathe through your nose. So your body loses less heat and you don’t so much freeze.

…wave your hands. If the fingers are still cold, start to rapidly rotate the hand in different directions, and it is necessary to make at least 200 rotational movement to the hands warm. The signal that the exercise worked, it will feel a light tingling or tingling in the extremities.

By the way, resistance to cold it is possible to train! For this it is necessary to take contrast baths for hands, alternately immersing them in cold, then in hot water.

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