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The doctor told me why toothache significantly stronger

Врач рассказал, почему ночью зубная боль в разы сильнееDoctors told about the nature of the toothache.

The German doctor explained what factors increase the pain at night.

Many may think that a particularly acute perception of dental pain is due to the large focus on it at the time of physical rest. However, according to a dentist from Cologne Jochen Schmidt, this phenomenon is due to a number of other more important factors.

A role in the increased pain plays a supine position, increases the blood supply to the jaw. In combination with the warm bed this increases pressure on the braid of nerves and blood vessels, what aggravates the pain. In addition, reduced production of the hormone cortisol, characterized analgesic effect.

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If a toothache for a long time does not stop, it is necessary to clarify the cause of the doctor. A temporary remedy for pain may serve as the drug ibuprofen (not more than 2.4 grams per day). However, this tool should only be used short-term. In order to avoid dangerous side effects until the fleeting death is to hasten the visit to the dentist.

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