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The doctor told me, in what diseases help leeches

Врач рассказал, при каких болезнях помогают пиявки Leech therapy has become increasingly popular in recent years.

Hirudotherapy or leech therapy is a popular method of alternative medicine all over the world. From what diseases helps to get rid of leeches, as they are able to improve a patient’s mood and what happens to them after the session – learned Maria Petryk.

For Olga the sessions of hirudotherapy already in the habit. First put leeches two years ago, ill with otitis. When not helped by antibiotics have turned to folk medicine. Help!

“Leeches act not only on the consequences of the inflammatory process, inflammatory process, they introduce such enzymes, which contribute, first, to improve the overall immune status, improved energy status,” says the physical therapist, doctor of folk medicine Olga opanasyuk.

The leech saliva contains about one hundred biologically active components. Put leeches on almost whole body, even intrauterine, in the case of infertility. They treat the diseases of blood vessels, varicose veins, prostatitis, arthritis, obesity, osteochondrosis, hypertension, reduce cholesterol in the blood.

Sensations from the procedure comfortable, says Olga.

“The first half a minute she bites, these biting – it’s somewhere nice,” she says.

To achieve the effect you need to grow the leech. Do it on a special bio-mills. Born natural healers like cocoons, like foam bags. But eat only certified bovine blood.

Feed the leeches only 7 times in a lifetime. Babies – every week, and then reduce meals to once per month. When the medical leech grew up, put her on a diet. Human blood in the diet it happens only once. Then leech utilized.

The procedure is finished. And Olga says vpechetlenie.

“The effect was instantaneous, ear stopped hurting, stopped to feel the effect of congestion and heterogeneity in the ear, and so I believed. Although I devochek I’m afraid but I’m doing the procedure, and do not see them,” says patient Olga Zhiznevskaya.

Leech therapy is contraindicated to people with cancer, AIDS, diseases of the blood and low levels of hemoglobin. Desirable to put leeches in pregnant and nursing mothers. Leeches capricious. Do not tolerate strong smells. To work the slippery doctor is affected by the weather and even the mood! If it is positive – will pass on to you! Together with saliva, which contains the endorphin, a happy hormone.

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