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The doctor suggested that the body needs after flu

Врач подсказала, что нужно организму после гриппаIn the period of rehabilitation after flu body needs plenty of water and light fruit

After suffering flu and SARS, most patients long to feel sluggish and constantly complain of weakness.

To prevent this condition, experts recommend to drink a lot and lean on light, rich in vitamins, food.

This condition is due to decreased immunity and exhaustion of the internal organs, which actively had to fight not only against viruses but also against the harmful components of the drugs.

“The body in the period of rehabilitation is sorely lacking in vitamins and valuable minerals. Hence the lack of energy, fatigue and constant drowsiness. Besides from the disease suffers appearance – pale skin, under eyes there are bruises, fade hair… Quickly lead appearance in order will allow proper nutrition plus an abundance of vitamins. You can get them from vegetables and fruits, but if you eat them in insufficient quantities, it is not superfluous to drink a vitamin complex. However, if the disease you wrestled with antibiotics, vitamins and minerals you need – buy at the pharmacy natural a balanced complex with the mandatory content of vitamins C, E, beta-carotene, selenium and zinc,” recommends doctor Victoria Savitskaya.

Perfectly restore all citrus, pomegranates, persimmons, berries saturated in vitamin C sauerkraut, peppers and greens, which also contains a set of valuable minerals and substances. And the usual boiled beets with daily use perfectly cleans the blood.

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Perfectly affect the immune system and appearance and vitamin cocktails. They need to drink each morning for vitality, health and beauty. Here are a few simple recipes:

– 3 medium-sized carrots run in the juicer. Add a few tablespoons of cream and a few drops of lemon juice (you can squeeze directly into the glass).

– Carrot and celery squeeze and mix with a spoon of olive oil, a little salt.

– In equal proportion squeeze the carrots, apples and beets. You can add a little citrus.

In addition, in the cold, experts recommend the daily use of whole grain cereals and dairy products, to strengthen the immune system and warm the body.

Natural dairy products, according to experts, have a positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract, and it largely depends on the immune system. Modern physicians, based on data from numerous studies, it is recommended to drink kefir or live yoghurt, in order to prevent illness, to speed recovery and establish the work of the body.

“It’s proven that probiotics reduce the symptoms of flu: fever, cough and runny nose. But, it is important to remember that not all dairy products are equally beneficial. Therefore always carefully read labels and pay attention to the expiration date. Remember: the shorter it is, there product is “natural.” If you have the opportunity to skachivat kefir or yogurt – it is better not to invest time and effort. The same applies to yogurts to make them yourself from yeast is very simple, and you can add to this product any ingredient of your choice – frozen berries, seasonal fruit, caramel, honey and so on,” says the doctor, Victoria Savitskaya.

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No less useful in freezing weather cereal – they permanently provide the body with energy, warm during a long stay in the cold. This is a great source of vitamins and minerals, especially selenium and zinc, which are very few in other products. But it is worth remembering that this was only true for cereals from whole grains. In addition to the above advantages, in such grain is high in fiber, as this increases the body’s resistance. Particularly strong anti-influenza properties are oatmeal and barley.

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