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The doctor suggested, how to reduce the harm of barbecue

Врач подсказала, как уменьшить вредность шашлыкаWhat spices reduce the harmfulness of fried meat

To reduce the harm from traditional the may delicacy, will help the seasonings that promote digestion and prevent weight gain curry and ginger.

“One of the most harmful and dangerous of seasonal dishes is the kebab. First, citizens does not always adhere to the basic rules of storing raw meat, or to fast-marinated tasty slices, put it directly into the sun. Second, the meat is roasted on an open fire, contains a number of carcinogens (especially a lot in the fat layer, rosy crust, or if the meat was marinated in mayonnaise). And, third, the shish – kebab is quite difficult to digest food, which overstrains the digestive tract and liver,” said the doctor, Victoria Savitskaya.

The doctor advises to abandon the mayonnaise in salad dressings, ketchup or mayonnaise.

“Barbecue is always a lot of calories, which settle on the waist and hips, besides such foods makes the internal organs, primarily the liver and digestive tract to work very hard in the process of its assimilation. And it’s not so much the meat as the way it is cooked because fried and fatty can not be called useful, or dietary. Besides, we unwittingly absorbed an incredible amount of calories, adding to the grilled dishes of different sauces and ketchup, bread, potatoes, salads, etc., as well as packaged drinking their juices or alcohol. Discard the mayonnaise salads for a snack and ketchup or mayonnaise. A little to facilitate the digestion and not to spoil the figure, carefully select spices for grilled meat. To prevent the formation of adipose tissue after eating high-calorie foods will help in curry — just sprinkle it on the slices of meat. Perfectly accentuate the taste and facilitates digestion grated ginger” — says the doctor.

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