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The doctor explained why you need to eat plums

Врач объяснила, почему нужно есть сливы This fruit is very healthy.

According to the expert, “the composition of plums contains vitamin C, b vitamins, provitamin a, sugar, fiber, organic acids, nitrogen, tannins, pectin, macro – and micronutrients. They contain active substances flavonoids, namely anthocyanins, which give them a purple tint”.

Svetlana FUS argues that people who eat a lot of vegetables and fruits with anthocyanins, have better health, suffer less diseases of the cardiovascular system. Besides, they are much less likely to appear malignant neoplasms.

“Interestingly, the content of vitamin E plum is one of the leading among fruits. These fruits retain their useful properties even after processing. Now she is tasty, healthy and fresh. Use it,” advises the doctor.

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