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The doctor explained what should be the diet in cold weather

Врач объяснила, каким должен быть рацион в морозную погодуFaster to keep warm and active to fight off viruses in the cold the body will help spices and herbs.

To support and improve the body’s thermoregulation in the cold season and cause the blood to circulate more quickly and, therefore, to warm the body, experts suggest adding to everyday meals a little more spices.

They not only make everyday dishes more appetizing and flavorful, but also help to cope with viruses and even increase the vascular tone, the doctor advises Victoria Savitskaya.

“For example, the most common spice which is in every kitchen, black pepper due to the high content of the alkaloid capsaicin invigorates, AIDS digestion and strengthens blood vessels. At the same time, if the season they are meals that you eat before leaving the house, the body longer to keep the desired temperature and will not allow you to freeze.

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Red bell pepper perfectly cleanses the blood vessels and reducing the clotting of blood, and this extra “bonus” in the cold, as the winter significantly increases the risk of thrombosis and spasm of blood vessels,” says the doctor.

Tea with fresh ginger long been a very popular winter beverage WWII world. This drink warms the home or office, while invigorating and will support a tone of vessels. Ginger is recommended to use daily as an antiseptic in sore throat, cold and flu, as well as prevention of seasonal illnesses.

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It is equally useful for spice – cinnamon. This is a great option for those that doesn’t like sharp and hot spices. It can be added in pastries and desserts and coffee or cappuccino. Cinnamon dilates the bronchi, stimulates the respiratory functions and it is very important for those who are constantly going in winter with a stuffy nose and sore throat. Besides cinnamon stimulates the metabolism and accelerates the burning of fat.

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