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The doctor explained, in which case you can sleep with Pets

Доктор наук объяснил, в каком случае можно спать с домашними животнымиIt turns out that sleeping with the Pets adversely to the health.

The vast majority of people, having a pet sleep with them. This is especially true of those who live alone. But doctors do not share such a close relationship with dogs and cats, because they are often carriers of various diseases.

Why can’t we sleep with four-legged friend?

First, you run the risk of Contracting it and the hundreds of infectious diseases, ranging from worms and ending the plague.

Secondly, the animals in the way you sleep. Who would not say that and co-sleep with a cat or dog somehow leads to inconvenience and discomfort. It is human nature to relax during the holidays, but any movement of the arm, leg or head can lead to the fact that the pet will Wake up and decide “time for some fun”. Your explanations are unlikely to make the raging kitten to calm down.

Thirdly, a person may develop allergies to fur or pet dermatosis in close regular contact.

Fourth, the animal is not a toy and sleep with it in bed is not as safe as it might seem at first glance. You can pin down or accidentally hitting a pet in a dream and no one can predict how he’ll react.

Of course, for many owners their dogs and cats the above is “no” have no meaning, but still, if you no longer sleep at night and got an infection from your pet, you need to stop sleeping with him.

When a bed is to take a mow or a dog?

Information about this shared Professor Nikolay Pimenov, saying that the pet is allowed to sleep with its owner only in the following cases:

– you don’t get to walk on the street and he is always at home;

– the animal has all vaccinations and he regularly is in the process of de-worming;

– the pet has no fleas;

– you are not allergic to pet dander;

– you don’t sleep in bed with children;

– you sleep next to your cat or dog.

If all of the above rules fit your situation, you can feel at ease to take with you to bed your four-legged friend.

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