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The doctor explained how to recognize the symptoms of SARS from allergies

Врач объяснила, как отличить симптомы ОРВИ от аллергииCough, runny nose, sore throat – these symptoms are very similar to SARS, but it could be a symptom of allergies. In the spring it is especially difficult to distinguish them.

The allergist-immunologist Olga Gogoleva notes that there are several reference points to distinguish allergies from colds.

1. Onset of the disease

SARS always possible to pinpoint the onset of the disease.

If you are allergic disease most often spread in time. To pinpoint the onset of the disease is possible only if the allergen is not permanent. For example, if the person is allergic to cat came into the house where the animal lives. And after contact has ended and you took anti-Allergy drugs, Allergy symptoms are.

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2. Other symptoms except a runny nose

SARS may have a fever.

If you are allergic often itchy nose, blushing and itchy eyes, you may experience watery eyes. Similar symptoms can also occur with infections, but itching is the symptom that makes you suspect allergies.

3. The color selections when cold

The appearance of this colour more often associated with the density of secretions, causing the mucus is a long time in one place, its components are oxidized. Because of this mucus can acquire yellow-green-brown.

When SARS allocation can be liquid, thick, transparent, coloured, in General, arbitrary. Experts argue that if coloured discharge in the morning and all day white or transparent, it is more likely that it’s a virus, not bacteria.

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Allergy there are two types of the course of rhinitis: runny nose and nasal congestion. In the first case, the release of copious, liquid, transparent. In the second case, the allocation of scarce, and the main problem is nasal congestion due to swelling.

4. The duration of the common cold

With SARS people recover within 7-14 days.

If Allergy symptoms continue until there is contact with the allergen.

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