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The doctor called the terrible consequences of the lack of water in the body

Врач назвал страшные последствия нехватки воды в организмеEndocrinologist, nutritionist, founder of step by Step instructions of proper nutrition Vadim Krylov.

Insufficient drink human water can lead to blood clots and other cardiovascular diseases.

Lack of fluid in the body can also lead to the aging of the skin, which can lead to the appearance of wrinkles and sagging of the abdomen, – said the doctor.

He also added that the lack of water in the body leads to edema.

Many people neglect water, including believing that a large amount of alcohol consumed they will swell and this will be followed by weight gain. But in fact the opposite is true: when a person drinks enough water, the body understands that he was dehydrated, and making the reserves into the cells. Accordingly, man, who drinks even less, swells even more, – said Krylov.

Adequate fluid volume, in turn, stimulates the kidneys, resulting from the body toxins, and also reduces the risk of deterioration of mood and the occurrence of depression. Nutritionist recommended to drink about 1.5–2 liters of water and 30 milliliters of fluid per kilogram of body weight. If a person does sports or is in an arid climate, the rate of water per kilogram of weight of the person increases.

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