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The disappearance of a whole island shown on the photo satellite

Исчезновение целого острова показали на фото со спутника Isle East island played an important role in the local ecosystem

Hurricane “Balak” is almost entirely destroyed one of the Hawaiian Islands – East island, the largest Atoll in the northwestern Islands.

The disappearance of this sand-and-gravel island with an area of about 4.5 hectares managed to find the photographs from space.

For a more detailed assessment of the damage and condition of coral reefs the island has sent a group of scientists.

Washed away on the island were white-bellied seals and green turtles, which are under threat of extinction. And it is here that approximately half of its population laid eggs.

The animals themselves from the elements was not injured, as previously had to leave the disaster area.

Experts believe that one way or another, the island would still disappeared from the map because of rising Global sea level, but they hope the seals, and turtles can survive the loss of their home.

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