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The Director of “You’re dead!” could copy “Halloween”

…but it did not happen. Yes, Director Adam Wingardresponsible for the horror film “You’re dead”, several segments of the anthology “V/h/O” and the recent American adaptation of “death note” really had views on the reboot of the classic horror film by John carpenter. It hinted multiple frames from the original movie that the Director is one of the other posted on Twitter page. And when in a recent interview he was asked to explain such a move to evade the issue Wingard did not:

Yes, it is I nearly did, but then everything fell apart. When I learned that the film rights available for purchase, I immediately wanted to do this project. Although I have already made almost “Halloween” movie under the name “Guest”. However, I still want to remove your “Halloween”.

In the love of this franchise, the Director has been recognized more than once. Moreover, his candidacy was approved and the carpenter, which is saying a lot (because the Director of the first remake, Rob Zombie, he called him a “lying sack of shit”). Well, a new film, Wingard or without it, to be – and he is going to stick to the atmosphere of terror that made the creators very first part. The premiere is scheduled for 19 October 2018.
— Adam Wingard (@AdamWingard) 24 may 2016

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