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The Director of the new “It” can shoot “Dark Justice League”

Warner Br. continues trying to build their own universe of kinokontrol DC, and one of the interesting projects included in these Napoleonic plans, is a “Dark Justice League” (Justice League Dark).

Until the last moment of the film was attached directed by Doug Liman, however, immediately after the departure of Zack Snyder with the Director’s post of his “League” Lyman left his. The reasons were not named, but presumably, all the matter in the next schedule conflict. Anyway, Warner already have in mind possible replacement, and it’s none other than Andreas Moscetti, the man who gave us a wonderful horror film “Mama”and soon will present a new adaptation of “It” by Stephen king, which we all have high hopes.

Reported this news one of the authors of the Hollywood Reporter:

Studio is already looking for new director on JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK, with one source saying IT director Andy Muschietti is on the list.
— Borys Kit (@Borys_Kit) may 24, 2017

Not get ahead of ourselves, because Mosketti is just one of the contenders, and in General it is the second part of “It” should be removed. However, something to hide, a great candidate, and perhaps even more suitable than the Lyman, the Creator of “the Bourne identity” and “Faces of the future”. Still Justice League Dark implies a certain dark aesthetic, which I Lyman not remember.

If you are far from the world of comics — it does not matter. “Dark justice League” is like a regular “League”, only dark. Magic, the supernatural works — their subject. This team at various times included such characters as John Constantine, Zatanna, Swamp thing, Deadman, the demon Etrigan and others. Guys, in short. Was there, among other things, and Frankenstein, but I doubt we’ll see him in the film, because Universal will soon be your Frankenstein’s Monster.

In short, we are waiting for official information and other news.

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