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The Director of the new “Halloween” I would like to remove the horror Comedy a La “critters”

Judging by the comments in memory, our audience appreciated the new “Halloween” in different ways. Someone like our office, the film went if not enthusiasm, then at least very, very bad. Someone wanted more blood and guts and action, someone respect the creators of the spirit and atmosphere of the original tape John carpenter had not like – like, old and boring.

Whatever it was, and from a commercial point of view the picture David Gordon green is an unequivocal success. The film grossed more than $ 250 million, that in our not too good for the slasher time at all almost phenomenal. More interesting, in what direction will continue to move the career of the Director. How about filmed reinterpretation of some classics of the genre?..

Answering questions of users of the service Reddit, David Gordon green surprised many by stating that gladly made something in the spirit of “Critters” or “Goblins”.

I would be happy to make a small movie, a La “critters”/”Goblins”.

Of course, when a filmmaker says that he wouldn’t mind filmed a movie, this does not mean that he will eventually be removed. This is more the field of dreams and thoughts aloud. In addition, it is not entirely clear, had Lee green in mind even a mash-up of “Freddy vs Jason” – his words can be understood.

But what is more interesting. Unlike carpenteresque through serious and dark “Halloween”, and “critters” (Critters, 1986), and “Goblins” (Ghoulies, 1985) was a fun family, if not “child” horror, filmed after the success of “Gremlins”. It seems that these films had not appeared (except for the “Krampus”). And hell, it would be interesting to see something like that!

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