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The Director of the Ekaterinburg circus have responded negatively to the premiere of “It”

It turns out that the long-awaited premiere of the new film adaptation of “It” by Stephen king sharpened tooth, not only Western clowns – they recently joined and domestic colleagues. Specifically, the Director of the Ekaterinburg circus, the Deputy of legislative Assembly of Sverdlovsk region, the party member “United Russia” Anatoly Marchevsky. Anatoly Pavlovich practically all his life was dedicated to the circus, and way sinister Pennywise, which is the main star of the film, it was not to the soul. Here is what he stated about this in comments to Moskovsky Komsomolets:

I’m talking to the Director and the producer, and for all who are connected with this unfortunate film. You commit a crime in front of children. Not to encroach on the sacred, that is associated with joy, celebration, gentle soul. Only a moral monster could do such a film. For me it is no coincidence that it originated in America. In the moral health of the country is and nobody could come. I recommend Russians to refrain from seeing it, and even better – do not show it in Russia. We must protect our Holy places, our culture, including its symbols of joy – clowns and the circus.


I have a circus – a favorite art. The clown is a favorite character of childhood. But if in this movie he acts as the villain and the kidnapper, the kids are frightened, and their lives will not be the circus. It’s an American movie. Here they have a circus there, so they let this film and show their children. I believe that any work should have meaning and not see what useful can give a person a story about the clown killer. It will only cause psychological trauma to children.

I seriously doubt that this message will actually reach the film’s Director, andrés, Moschetti. And we have such a statement very few people will keep from the speedy trip to the cinema – especially since the rating expectations “It” according to the manual is 93%. The film will be released next week, on 7 September.

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