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The Director of the drama “a Guy like Jake” will remove the LGBT horror

Silas Howard, known for his work on the series “Obvious” and “Pose”, as well as on the recent film “a Guy like Jake” rejisserom horror “moonlight shadow” (Moonshadow) about the horrors of reparative therapy.

The film Gunpowder & Sky (“Summer 84”, “webcam”) and Nonetheless Productions (Columbus) joined forces with entertainment network YOMYOMF for the development of the painting.

The scenario of the “Moon’s shadow” wrote Ernesto Foronda (“better luck Tomorrow”) and newcomer Danielle Foerste, and the plot is based on bitter experience and on stories teen transgender, which his parents put in the loony bin for reparative therapy, in which young patients are “transformed into something much less than human”.

If anyone knows or reparative, as it is also called conversion therapy is a thing highly questionable in terms of ethics and efficiency. Simply put, a person scratching their psyche, trying to change sexual orientation or, as in the cases above, gender identity. Despite the serious risk to mental health posed by such techniques, many religious organizations support reparative therapy, and it is still practiced in some institutions.

But with such a horror will face the hero or heroine of “Moonlight shadow”. This story, by the way, appeared in the second season of “American horror story”, and it focused films such as “the missing boy” and “Wrong education of Cameron Post.” However, this is the first time about conversion therapy will remove the horror.

I must say that Silas Howard and he was probably faced with transphobia, because at the time he became the first Director of a transsexual in Hollywood. So, maybe some personal drama dude will bring.

At the same time, producer Philip W. Chung of YOMYOMF promises that “moonlight shadow”, on the one hand, will be just a good horror movie that will appeal to fans of the genre, and on the other hand, will be a film on the topic. Well, let’s see what happens.

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