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The Director of “Spawn” shared a piece of script!

About to begin pre-production of the new “Spawn”, and meanwhile, its Creator Todd McFarlane took and tweeted a page from the script of the future film. Oh, and in addition promised that soon there will be other, more serious news.

This is good because we missed you a little bit. If you remember, in October fresh news about “save the world” followed one another. The last thing we heard was information about a cameo by Stan Lee. And then almost a month of silence. Well, MacFarlane finally distracted from his toys and comics, to interrupt the pause.

In the provided excerpt from the script we are introduced to two police officers, whose name is Danny and Twitch. The latter is particularly cool. In the scene at the shooting range men firing at invisible targets, and Twitch puts a bullet right in the heart of the perceived enemy. Partner jealous jokes:

You know that because of you we all look like shit when you come here.

Then the conversation continues in the locker room. Apparently, the cops discuss the case, which is currently investigating. Twitch expresses concerns about certain Riggins and their weapons. According to McFarlane, this is early stage so that on save the world here, it seems, no one knows. Remember, previously the Director compared the “Spawn” with “Jacob’s Ladder”. I have the same while reading this page thought: won’t it be similar to “Predator 2”? The stereotypical hero with a gun, badge and iron eggs with one hand and unknown unkillable crap on the other. We would add that the antagonist is cruel, works in the city hell, but mostly killing criminals, and has a certain code of honor. Well, let’s see how these stories will resonate with the reality.

Pre-production of the project should start after Christmas, then in February will start shooting. The output picture is scheduled for 2019.

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