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The Director of “Happy death day” will remove the story of the popular Ghost

In October of this year Vice.com was published the story of Jeff Manaf Ernest (“Ernest”), telling the story of “modern” Ghost. Took a little less than a month and the story has attracted Legendary film Studio, which won an auction for the film rights from companies such as Amblin, Studio 8, Sony and Fox 2000.

Now the Studio has announced that the creation of the script and directing the future of the tape will take the author of the recent horror film “Happy death” Christopher Landon, producers will be Dan Halstead and Nate Miller.

In live evening show presenter Jimmy Kimmel asks viewers whether they want to see a real Ghost? So the world will know about Ernest, the Ghost that found him Frank was named in honor of Ernest Borgnine. Frank takes “home” the Ghost on the camera, and records enter the network and become a sensation around the world. The spirit itself it is completely harmless and embarrassed by the attention. And when Ernest suddenly disappears, the plans of Frank to world fame and wealth are under threat.

Judging by the synopsis, the movie will not horrory, but rather a Comedy – drama because the idea gives ideas of “the Truman Show”. In any case, it sounds quite intriguing, and it makes sense to mark a picture as “curious.”

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