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The Director of “American psycho” will shoot a film about a traveling vampire-addicts

A native of Canada, Mary Herron a week ago presented their new film and now announces the next project. Visitors at the Venice film festival crime drama “Charlie says” (formerly known as “the Family”) seemed questionable: it is understandable, because there are spectators trying to get to empathize with posobnitsey Charles Manson. The famous “American psycho” too, at the time received very mixed reviews after the premiere. So what will tell you the new picture of Mary Heron?

So, is a new adaptation of the book. A novel with a fancy name “the Orange eats creeps” (The Orange Eats Creeps) was a striking debut for an American writer of Greys Krilanovichentering the top best sellers of Amazon in 2010. Edition of Newsday gives here is the book description:

“The orange eats creeps” contains the hallucinatory, disjointed, plotless, but strangely charming ravings of a young refugee from foster family that joins a group of wandering teenagers-vampires who roam the shops and supermarkets Robitussin and consume buckets of coffee.

And in the synopsis from Amazon this style company described as “a gang of wandering vampires and drug addicts”.

I now remembered one episode of “Punishable” from “South Park”? The movie, however, can get interesting.

For adapted screenplay meets Guinever Turner, a longtime friend Herron, who worked with her on “American psycho,” and on “Charlie says”.

In addition, the plans for Heron biopic “the Earth is Given”, the shooting of which is scheduled for spring 2019. Only then comes the turn of the film adaptation of “the Orange eats creeps”.

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