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The devil is in the details: “Texas chainsaw massacre” by Tobe Hooper

To my shame first time I saw the classic version of “Texas chainsaw massacre”. Despite the glory of this film as one of the most bloody and brutal in the history of the horror genre, I thought it was quite a Puritan in the depiction of violence. In fact, no chainsaw massacre we never see. When leatherface hangs its prey on a hook or cut it with a saw, in the best case, we see splashes of blood, but no dismemberment and savoring parts in the film, they deliberately hidden from view. The only scene where we are shown a cut with a saw flesh is the ending where leatherface, falling, cuts his own foot. There are a couple of bloody blows with a hammer on the head of the last victim, the surviving final girl. Call all “graphic violence” attributed to the genre of gore films splatter or hand does not rise.

The horror in the film is injected not at the expense of demonstration of violence and cruelty, but rather with the help of details, many of which are concentrated in the beginning. So, for example, the theme music from the beginning of the film, when the light flash, we see fragments of dismembered corpses, again is the first appearance on screen house of cannibals. The moon, which we do several times on the night of the massacre, also appears close up in the beginning of the film immediately after the credits. The use of flash to demonstrate the corpses in the beginning of the film was a great setup to what will happen in the future. When the flash of the camera again uses a strange passenger, picked up by future victims on the road, it is alarming and scares me more than his hideous form and playing with a knife and razor. Talk about the slaughter of cattle, the demonstration of photographs of those killed and butchered animals, photographing people, an invitation to a family dinner (and then repeated in a different master stations) – all this gradually brings us to the main theme. But even that deranged passenger with a knife cut his hand, and razor – hand one of the main characters, less scary than the mysterious bloody sign, which he said the car – a detail that did not play a role, contrary to the suspicions of the characters, but it clearly sets up the audience for a further nightmare.

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In fact, the injection of disgust and fear with the details even before the massacre takes up half the screen time and not less, but even more important than the second half with cannibals and chainsaw. And aversion is not only a strange passenger, but a fat man in a wheelchair – all of its untidy appearance, the habit of picking nails with a knife and stupid topics of conversation. By the way, his sudden fall from the chair at the beginning of the film, strange and sharply edited with the passing of the truck – also an important detail, creating a mood of impending disaster.

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But throughout the story with the cannibals worse than the saw and mask, and family madness (with allusions to “Psycho”) and the complete helplessness of the characters caught in the area where the whole area is controlled by a family of cannibals. Madness, expressed in the “design” cannibalistic nest, in the stage of caring-feeding old grandfather with blood from the finger of the captive maiden, the atmosphere of terror that scares us because it is too reminiscent of the ordinary, but in a highly perverted form. The helplessness of the victims is not only that they have no saws, and Leather Face. This helplessness prehispanic urban residents before the village radnicni, as well as before the space of rural America, which seems belongs to another, the afterlife. Not violence, but the social subtext makes the film scary.

And of course we must pay tribute to the skill of Director: chic, large and mega-plans of the face of the last victim right after forcing us to identify with her, which again brings us back to the role details.

And of course, it was interesting to watch the movie from the point of view of its impact on the future of the genre and find echoes of the “Massacre” in a variety of films – from “Alien” to “true detective”. Undying classic, that here.

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