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The developers of Escape from Tarkov has shared plans for the future

Разработчики Escape from Tarkov поделились планами на будущееOpen beta test is expected to a new and larger location “Interchange”.

Battlestate shooter Games is preparing to Escape from Tarkov to the launch of open beta testing. The authors announced plans to 2018, including — new gameplay features, modes, enemies and so on.

First Battlestate Games has promised improvements on the technical side. The team is working hard to eliminate performance failures, crashes, unsynchronization, outages and other unpleasant things. Also commenced preliminary preparation for the move to the Unity engine 2018 — with the active help assistants from the Unity.

Open beta test is expected to a new and larger location “Interchange”, as well as additional quests, weapons, equipment and other items. They plan to introduce gradually before the start of OBT.

For example, in 2018, to Escape from Tarkov during the RAID, players will not be able to charge the ammunition in the store. Charging each cartridge will take time, and to do this it will allow only on the inventory screen. In addition, the inventory will be removed the exact values of the number of cartridges in the store — to count the shells will have a separate test button.

It will also have to closely monitor the weapon. If you are fighting with a damaged barrel, he can jam, misfire, or even “explode in your face and prematurely finish the RAID”.

Gameplay features, which complicate the player’s life is scheduled enough. Battlestate Games assures us that Escape from Tarkov will continue to go down the road of hardcore and ramp up the realism.

In addition, within 2018 should appear bosses-wild new enemies in PvE. They have a particular appearance, behavior and equipment, and to accompany the advanced bosses are thugs. The developers will also introduce personal quests, and will tell new details about the game world. In raids will be voice communication with the positioning and radius of audibility. Finally, Battlestate Games promises to introduce a “competitive and addictive” mode “arena”. About it will tell in a separate article.

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