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The developers have announced a new champion-League of Legends

Разработчики анонсировали нового чемпиона League of LegendsYumi – hundred and forty-fourth champion League of Legends.

Riot Games announced a new champion-League of Legends – Yumi.

Yumi – hundred and forty-fourth champion League of Legends. She is a magical cat from Bundle city. Yumi became the guardian of the reasonable Books Outside after the hostess Norra mysteriously disappeared. Since then, cat tries to find his girlfriend and travels through the pages; Books. Without a mistress Yumi lonely, so she is looking for friends and safely protects their magical shields. The heroine appreciates life’s simple joys, such as NAPs and fresh fish.

In the game Yumi is a champion of support. She is able to restore the health of allies and strengthen them. The champion is easy to learn and suitable for beginners. Here’s her list of abilities:


Every few seconds the attack Yumi restores mana and casts a shield that absorbs damage. The shield exists, until it is destroyed, and imposed also on an ally, bound to Yumi.


Yumi fires a bolt that deals magic damage to the first on the way to the enemy. If the charge flies without exploding a few seconds, his damage is increased and slows Champions.

If during use of the skills of Yumi tied to a ally, it can control the charge using the mouse cursor.


Passive: Yumi and associated ally get attack power or ability power each other in the form of adaptive power.

New plan: Yumi dashes to allied champion and will be assigned to it. While Yumi is tied, it can choose to target only towers.


Yumi is treated depending on missing health and increases their movement speed. If Yumi is tied, this ability prevents an ally, and not her.


For a few seconds Yumi 7 produces waves that deal magic damage. Champions struck by 3 waves or more obezdwijivanie. Using this ability, Yumi can move, and use the “New plan” and “Catch-up”.

League of Legends conditionally available for free on the PC.

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