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The developers are preparing PUBG optimization patch

Разработчики PUBG готовят оптимизационный патчRecently, many users complain about bad performance of Thriller.

On Sunday PUBG Corporation published on its website an appeal to the players. In it the authors, as usual, said that in the future PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds will only get better and more interesting.

First of all, the developers have identified three priorities — now they are engaged in performance improvement, optimization on the side of servers and anti-cheat.

Recently, many users complain about bad performance of Thriller. Developers have already found a lot of ways to make your Princess more nimble. For example, it was found that when the transport quickly passes through different materials, it creates too many effects — it loads the graphics card. The same problem occurs because of a processing system, and lighting effects.

Also, the authors changed their approach to the issue of optimization patches from now on those will be released as they are ready and not part of a large updates.

Further optimization on the side of the servers. The creators put in order the network code and reduce latency. In addition, increase the rate of appearance of things on the level after the upgrade will not be situations where you have already landed, and the weapons and equipment only loaded.

Finally, PUBG Corportation is still an unequal battle with the rogues. The developers have banned thousands of cheaters, and thanks to the protective measures, the majority of cheaters needs to get the heave-Ho after a maximum of a few hours after using cheats. In addition to this PUBG Corporation to hold accountable producers of prohibited software.

The creators note — on shooter employs several teams, so it is not necessary to think, as if the whole company is only concerned with the above improvements. For example, is still hard at work over the map “Sled”, which needs to get into the main version PUBG until the end of June. Within one month after the release, the location will receive an exclusive gun and equipment. Among the latter is a funny three-wheeled tuk-tuk.

According to the developers, “Sled” will be the most beautiful map for Battlegrounds. The company has modeled a lot of unique items, due to which the virtual city will look like places where people lived. Level made with much love — for example, one of the developers spent a lot of time to decorate the stones and rocks located near water, in moss.

In the coming weeks we will talk about other updates that will be included in the set with the location “Sled”.

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