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The developer announced a massive expansion to World of Warcraft

Разработчик анонсировал масштабное дополнение к  World of WarcraftBlizzard Entertainment has announced the release of the Battle for Azeroth.

This is the seventh large-scale addition to the multiplayer role-playing game World of Warcraft. The addon offers the gamers to take part in a long-running conflict between the Horde and the Alliance, fighting shoulder to shoulder with friends under the banner of your faction.

Battle for Azeroth in the MMORPG brings two new continents: Kul-Tiras and Zandalar. The first to conquer the heroes of the Alliance, and the second will be the tribe of the Horde. As you explore new lands, gamers can take part in the events connected with the most famous heroes and leaders of the Horde and the Alliance, such as Jaina Proudmoore, thrall, king Anduin Wrynn and Warchief Sylvanas Windrunner. After performing several tasks, you can find your faction’s new allies. With the support of a certain race, you will get the opportunity to create new characters of that race. Only in World of Warcraft there are several new races: Nacereddine, Krutogorie Tauren, MAG’har orcs, Zandalari trolls, the elves of the Abyss, illuminated by the draenei, dark Iron dwarves and the people of Kul Tiras.

New expansion added 10 levels of pumping and allowed players to instantly upgrade one of their characters to 110. The game will be a dozen new dungeons, RAID with eight bosses, azeitona armor, the artifact “Heart of Azeroth”, allows you to awaken the hidden power other items of equipment of the hero, and also brand new activities: “Island expedition” and “Strougatski front”. It is worth noting that with the release of Battle for Azeroth, the developers revived the system of world PvP, and moved the system to adjust the level of the location under your current level to the whole world of World of Warcraft, making it possible to develop a character where you want.

Detailed description of the new content and all of the changes contained in World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth, please visit the official website of the game.

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