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The details of the plot of season 2 of “Mr. Mercedes”

The series “Mr. Mercedes” in two days it will be back on screens. And while we have a first video and a fresh poster of the second season. It antagonists of the story is interpenetrate each other, or apart, that smacks of schizophrenia. Well, all these things from a psychological confrontation and solving deadly mysteries may eventually take a toll on her head. And it seems, detective bill Hodges will have to experience it on my own skin.

As it became known, the events of the second season developed a year later after a failed attempt, Brady Hartsfield commit a second mass murder in the community of Bridgeton, Ohio. Hartsfield is in hospital in a vegetative state, and ex-COP bill Hodges is doing everything possible to leave behind the obsession with Mr. Mercedes. Teaming up with Holly Gibney, he opened a private detective Agency Finders Keepers. However, when the hospital staff who cared for the Brady begin to happen unexplained things, Hodges appears a suspicion that he is somehow responsible for this.

Obviously the plot of the second season based on the novel “the Post has handed over”, the third part of the trilogy of Stephen king about detective Hodges.

“Mr. Mercedes” coming August 22 on channel Audience.

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