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The desire of Kazakhstan and China coincide

Желания у Казахстана и Китая совпадают

Why is it so rarely used “Occam’s razor”, all strive is usually to come up with something more complicated and confusing, so, like, closer to the truth. Here we take the same care of Nazarbayev clocked around that any conspiracy through the roof. And at the same time the most natural and obvious explanation arising directly from the circumstances of the resignation, no, I see not even voiced.

And after all, the idea is that simple. Nazarbayev suddenly gone, and in its place appointed a little-known character about whom all and I can only say that it is the diplomat, speaks Chinese and worked for a long time as Ambassador to China. So why not assume that this is the meaning, and Kazakhstan just guts beneath China?

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It is besides the most natural and economic and geopolitical points of view. Kazakhstan borders with China, China the most powerful nation (if not on the planet, then certainly in this part of the world for sure), China has long drawn the tentacles to the former Russian Central Asia and Kazakhstan in particular… in Fact, it would be difficult to resist Chinese penetration, even if he wanted it (too different weight categories) — but because he does not want to!

The desire of Kazakhstan and China situational (and perhaps strategically) the same: the future of the state President with the capital city of the Kazakh (and led, of course, with the immortal President) wants to distance itself from Russia — and China wants to collect all the fragments, which are weakening Russia from their clutches released. Here, another step is performed. At the end of this path China will take for themselves and Russia itself — but it gradually, don’t swallow all the pieces at once.

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Question — can Russia this irreversible process to somehow resist? The answer is obviously no.

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