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The Deputy, who advised “eat less” turned out to be a fraud

Депутат, который советовал "меньше есть", оказался мошенникомThe Prosecutor’s office suspects him of harboring about 400 thousand rubles.

The Deputy of legislative Assembly of Sverdlovsk region Ilya Gaffner is suspected of concealing income

In 2016, reminded the press-Secretary of the regional Prosecutor’s office Marina Kanatova, Gaffner was declared bankrupt as an individual. By law, he had immediately after the commencement of the bankruptcy to transfer their Bank card bankruptcy Commissioner, but did so only after several weeks.

In addition, added the Prosecutor, Gaffner since the recognition of its bankruptcy in July of 2016 received a salary in cash on hand, which also violates a statutory procedure.

As a result, reported Kanatova, more than 400 thousand roubles have been “by the bankruptcy estate to receive all income of the bankrupt and from which shall be paid debts to creditors”.

Ilya Gaffner known thanks to the advice of “eat less” in a crisis, which he gave during an interview in January 2015 in the course of the campaign “United Russia” on monitoring of prices.

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