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The Deputy Barna caught in another scandal. Video

Депутат Барна попал в очередной скандал. Видео The MP left the Studio of the channel “112 Ukraine” during a live broadcast.

People’s Deputy of Ukraine from the PPO Oleg Barna accused the TV channel “112 Ukraine” is a lie, and after clarifying questions from journalists that the Deputy was unable in fact to respond, left the Studio. It happened in the program “Evening Prime”.

On a question of journalists why Barna voted for sanctions against the TV channel “112 Ukraine” and NewsOne, the MP said that the Verkhovna Rada voted for the inspections on the distribution channels of information that “could adversely affect the national interests” of Ukraine.

“The Verkhovna Rada has the right to maintain and submit appeals to other state authorities, including during inspections. As well as the Verkhovna Rada supported the appeal-letter of the President on the creation of a single Autocephalous Orthodox Church, also supported the appeal to any authorities to conduct, including proper inspections on the distribution channels of information, which could adversely affect the national interest,” said Barna.

The presenters said that during the vote in Parliament it was not on the inspection of the TV channel “112 Ukraine”, and on ascertaining violations without providing specific facts.

After that Barna noted that the issue of freedom of speech is relative.

“Under freedom of speech I do understand the spread of truthful information, it is checked. But if apply any information, including false, it does not mean that it is freedom of speech,” – said the Deputy.

Journalists asked to give specific examples of distribution of television channel “112 Ukraine” of false information.

“Six months ago your channel was distributed false information regarding Oleg Barns, according to some swindler Misurata that I supposedly beat up,” he responded to Barna.

The journalists said they sounded this information from a guest or employee of the channel.

“You have submitted the information on the channel information, is untrue. So, you should be responsible. Your employee it (information) is recorded and filed in the ether,” says Barna.

– That is it said the man, who is no relation to our television had, right? – said the journalists. What Barna said, “No, it said it on your channel and your channel gave false information”.

After another attempt leading to the answer to the question, Oleg Barna, rose and left the Studio.

Earlier, the Verkhovna Rada recommended that the national security Council to impose economic and other sanctions against the TV channel “112 Ukraine” and Newsone. The decree on information security was supported by 229 people’s deputies, among them Oleg Barna. According to the document, the license of TV channels needs to cancel and prohibit the use of radio frequencies.

These restrictions “112 Ukraine” considers the infringement of freedom of speech and a threat to independent media in Ukraine, therefore, for the protection channel forced to turn to international organizations. Already sent letters to the President of the European Commission Donald Tusk, European Commissioner Federica Mogherini and the Secretary General of the Council of Europe Thorbjørn Jagland.

Harassment in the work of the TV channel “112 Ukraine” has since its Foundation considers unacceptable and announced the cancellation of license of the TV channel and ban on the use of radio frequencies.

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