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The deputies-truants withdrew part of the salary

У депутатов-прогульщиков сняли часть зарплатыOnly 10% of MPs attended all the meeting of Parliament in 2017.

Since the beginning of the year from the salaries of MPs deducted 1.7 million UAH for missing meetings of the Verkhovna Rada. This information was received by the Committee of voters of Ukraine from the Verkhovna Rada.

“As a result of payroll only for the days actually worked, during the first quarter of 2017 formed savings of funds allocated for payment of salaries of people’s deputies of Ukraine, in the amount of 1 748 700 hryvnias”, – reported in the office Happy.

If a member misses a plenary session of Parliament, the salary to him during this time is not charged.

According to research KIA provedenich in the framework of the project “Literally”, only 10% (41 out of 423) deputies visited all the meeting of Parliament in 2017. Other MPs have missed one or more sessions of the Parliament, accordingly, they have not received part of their salaries.

Some members did not appear in Parliament for months. So, in January-February, five MPs missed all Council meetings, in March and eight in April and seven.

In April all meetings of the Council, according to written and electronic check missed Dmitry Yarosh, Andrew Bielecki, Peter sabashuk, Yevhen Bakulin, Vyacheslav Boguslayev, Alexander Onishchenko, Sergey Klyuyev.

Only in 2017, according to written check better attended of the meeting Rada deputies of the popular Front, the BPP and the Radical party of Oleg Lyashko.

On average, a session of Parliament was recorded 86% of the deputies of the faction “popular Front”, with 84% BPP and RPL. The worst attendance of the parliamentary group “People’s Will” (64%) and Vozrozhdenie (65%).

Only in 2017 was 42 plenary session of the Parliament.

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