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The deputies did not fulfill the promise to divest itself of surcharges to pensions

Депутаты не исполнили обещания лишить себя доплат к пенсиям

Measure will be available only as a voluntary

In the state Duma of the presidential amendments to the bill on pension “reform”, the press service of the Kremlin. Vice-Premier of the Cabinet of Ministers Tatyana Golikova, Vladimir Putin appointed official presidential representative during the consideration of the pension bill.

The President announced the amendments in a televised address, and they touched on initiatives to protect the rights of workers close to retirement age, discussed the possibility of introducing criminal liability or penalty for employers who did not adopt the working age applicants for the position.

Mitigation will affect those who have earned experience for women preferential pension comes with 37 years of experience and men’s experience must be 42 years.

But, as told in conversation with Накануне.RU state Duma Deputy from the Communist party Alexey Chicken, criticism of pension “reform” is not forced the government to abandon the idea in principle:

“Neither we nor our constituents are not satisfied with these measures, we have conducted a survey: 92% of people say that the arguments of the President did not convince them, and they insist to abolish the pension reform.”

According to Putin’s statement, women do not have to work until 63, as previously assumed, but “only” 60 years, whereas now retirement is at age 55. Mothers who gave birth to three children, the threshold will reduce to three, four — on-four, those who have five or more children will be allowed to retire, respectively, five years earlier.

The head of the Institute of demography, migration and regional development Yuri Krupnov says, that although these measures are necessary — the question of the status of a large family is long overdue and the benefits of this kind repeatedly tabled, but similar to “mitigate” do not change the “draconian” pension “reform.”

“The proposed quite serious measures to reduce of employment and reduction of retirement benefits for large families. Unfortunately, only for women, but still a large the family is, including, and dad and not just mom.

But this innovation, which must urgently be identified separately beyond the pension “reform” and this was to build on the Federal law on the status of a large family, who for several years proposed and I, and various public enterprises, and which is now hung somewhere in the Federation Council”.

To “let off steam” popular indignation, informed the members of the “United Russia” deputies suggested to withdraw from the pension allowance. Recommendation given the discussion in the General Council before its position was voiced by Putin.

And Putin in his speech about it did not say anything. As a result, the deputies and senators introduced a bill that the waiver of premiums “servants of the people” is provided, but… voluntarily.

And thereby the “United Russia” shows cynicism, said Yuri Krupnov. Allowance for the Deputy of the state Duma is 46 626 thousand RUB. in the line of duty from five to 10 years, and 63 581 thousand RUB. in the line of duty 10 years or more. According to the expert, for members to withdraw from the pension allowance are not completely terrible, and now this step altogether will be voluntary.

“This cynical proposal. We understand that MPs do not live on the salary, unlike the absolute majority of Russian families that increase the age of retirement is not accepted. The same applies to the previous initiatives that have become Federal law two years ago to increase the period of retirement for government officials.

We understand that the main problem for state officials is how to drive them to retirement. The fact that the “United Russia” has suggested is a second cynical feat after officials themselves have increased to 65 years. It is rather a bonus than a victim”, – says Yuri Krupnov in conversation with Накануне.RU.

At the moment, the refusal of the parliamentary pensions, which are charged after a service life of five years, transferred to the voluntary plane, but as it turns out, the “United Russia” nothing new has come up, as in the case of extension of benefits for large families, and this measure has already been – the refusal from parliamentary allowances for consideration put forward by the Communist party.

“I’m such a bill was introduced about a year ago, – says Alexey Chicken, and he, unfortunately, was rejected and the Committee of the profile, and the Government of the Russian Federation, therefore, by and large, the abolition of pensions for MPs, and not only for members but for Ministers, deputies, governors, regional governments, members of election commissions should be implemented”.

As the Deputy said in an interview with Накануне.RU “the servant of the people” carries out its powers and should be provided with pen, Desk, computer, communication and ability to move he needs for the execution of powers, and the result of labor activities is a contribution to the common cause.

“If people came from the people, spent one term as the mayor, Governor or Minister, by the needs of the people is not returned, but he had a separate package of benefits is wrong.

If the State Duma deputies know that they will return to retire in 10 to 14 thousand at the end of the period, they would not be so unanimously pressed the button for holding the pension reform, as occurred in the first reading. People should return from whence they come”.

Thus, the ruling party is trying to be at the forefront of the conflict and gives out other people’s ideas as their own, not disdaining even outright populism. The Secretary of the General Council Andrey Turchak suggested that the money seized from corrupt officials, to send to the Pension Fund.

This is a beautiful word to the public as a goodwill gesture to give up pensions, but these measures do not stand up to scrutiny. Experts (for example, telegram-channel “Anticipa” Professor Nikita Krichevsky) give simple figures for the last six years, the volume of recovered funds amounted to 1.2 billion roubles and the budget of the FIU in this year’s 8 trillion rubles.

“It’s populism, and absolute nonsense in principle. Overall just a mockery, a particularly cynical action. After all, what is send money to corrupt officials in the RPF? After all, the same money still would go to the state budget in one form or another, – says Yuri Krupnov. – That is money stolen from the budget sent to budget well and put it heroism.

Just an economic unit is unable to do anything in the economy. Instead of having to earn more and to increase productivity, to create new plants – the authorities rummage through the pockets of the population.”

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