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The dentist told us how to maintain teeth to old age

Стоматолог рассказал, как сохранить все зубы до старости There is such a possibility with proper and regular care.

Few live to old age without losing at least one tooth. Of course, modern technology allows to fully restore your smile even if the teeth are not left at all, but whether to bring this up? How to keep teeth healthy for a lifetime, and what factors should make you carefully monitor the condition of the mouth, said the dentist, chief physician of the clinic Marina kolsnichenko.

Tooth decay – the first enemy

In our country there is hardly a person who would never suffer from toothache. Her fault is often tooth decay – the process of destruction of dental hard tissues as a result of the activity of bacteria. Tooth decay threatens even the very first tooth of the baby, which is why doctors recommend to wipe it with a soft cloth that is clean.

To protect against dental caries of children – the parents. This disease is contagious, and thus not worth to lick the nipples, spoons, cups children. To help avoid it in the future, making the fissures. This procedure seals the grooves on permanent teeth of the child and does not allow bacteria to penetrate into thin cracks. It is important to conduct sealing fissures within six months after the eruption of permanent molars, which usually appear at the age of 5-6 years. Before this age, parents should monitor the oral hygiene of their children.

Caries – an infectious disease and therefore not worth to lick the nipples, spoons, cups children.

Adults to protect against tooth decay helps regular visits to the dentist. The doctor should go twice a year, on his recommendation to do professional hygiene and properly care for the mouth daily. It is irresponsible to leave a “hole” in the tooth, as a tooth decay to spread quickly and provoke five new formations.

Daily care

Minimum brush your teeth twice a day. But ideally after every meal, especially carbohydrate. Today there are lots of options compact means to care for the oral cavity. These include disposable brushes applied to its bristles toothpaste or a composition for disinfection in the sterile package. At the very least, rinse your mouth after meals is a must.

Carbohydrates are best consumed in the morning, up to 14 hours. The fact that after this time reduces the flow of saliva. As saliva bathes the teeth, clears them of plaque, bacteria and food debris. The less saliva is produced, the less natural protection of the mouth against infections, the greater the risk of tooth decay.

The responsibility is on the parents

The health of permanent teeth depends on the condition of the milk. If you do not pay attention to the decay that started in primary teeth, it can take permanent and destroy them before the eruption. Baby teeth prepare the place for the emergence of indigenous. Early removal of a baby tooth can disrupt the permanent occlusion, force adult teeth to emerge out of the dentition. Therefore, the removal of teeth prior to the deadline for reasons that they will fall out anyway – a wrong decision.

General health problems under control

You should be attentive not only to oral cavity. Her health affects overall health. Regularly pass medical examination. If you have General illness, monitor its condition in accordance with the recommendations of the doctor.

On the oral cavity is affected by many diseases. First of all, it is a disease that disturbs the calcium-potassium exchange in the body, making the teeth become brittle. This occurs, for example, thyrotoxicosis. To lose stability and fall out teeth can atrophy of bone that occurs in osteoporosis, or with connective tissue disorders, rheumatoid arthritis or systemic lupus erythematosus.

Early removal of a baby tooth can disrupt the permanent occlusion, force adult teeth to emerge out of the dentition.

Diabetes may cause circulation in the tissues surrounding the tooth, which causes their atrophy. A large number of circulating blood sugar increases the risk of tooth decay and other oral diseases of infectious nature (gingivitis, periodontitis). It is very important to take care of oral hygiene and regular preventive dental check-UPS.

On tooth enamel is negatively affected by the presence of hydrochloric acid. It can appear in the oral cavity as the result gastroezofagealnam reflux, gastritis with high acidity or in patients with bulimia.

Attention to medication

Increased attention to the oral cavity should be given to patients taking certain groups of drugs. These include estrogens, calcium channel blockers. If you have to use the sprays from bronchial asthma, remember that they contain glucose. And this is the perfect food for pathogenic bacteria. Do not forget to rinse your mouth and brush thoroughly, and not less than once in six months to see a dentist.

Some medicinal drug is a great food for harmful bacteria.

Patients who have organ transplants, prescribe drugs to reduce the local immunity, and the mouth it will spreading.

And suddenly the injury?

The tooth caused by the trauma, not always lost. Sometimes it works to get back in his hole, and he survives. To do this, the tooth should be put in saline or in a damp cloth and come to the dentist no later than 2 hours after the incident, where the doctor will clean and disinfect the hole, and the tooth insert in place.

Careful attention to the mouth and prevention of dental disease can help prevent the loss of teeth. Don’t ignore the visits to the dentist, which should be scheduled every six months, and carefully take care of your teeth – then you can brag to the grandchildren of their own healthy teeth, instead of artificial crowns.

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