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The demolition of Kiosks in Kiev: what objects will carry the following

Снос МАФов в Киеве: какие объекты снесут следующимиThe city will continue to clean the stalls.

In Kiev, the ongoing fight against illegal Kiosks, which are located in public places and prevent free movement of pedestrians. In Darnytsia district priority subject to demolition of more than 100 illegal kiosks.

A complete list was released by the press service of the Darnitsa district state administration. Among those who got into the list – grocery stores, Shoe repair, cafes and even a supermarket known network.

“The placement of any object commercial purposes should occur only if legally allotted land. I hope that the owners personally dismantle their illegal construction. If not, we will act decisively,” – said the head of the Darnitsky district Sergey Levada.

Since the beginning of 2019, the authorities have already managed to dismantle several Kiosks in the Darnytsia district. In particular, the receiving glass on the Kharkiv highway, kiosk on ul. trostyanetskaya, auto and car insurance on the Avenue Grigorenko and a few outlets.

Next in line for demolition were:

vending kiosk on the street Decembrists, 12/37;

Barber on the Decembrists, 12/37;

two kiosks and a coffee shop in Kharkov highway, 160;

grocery store in Kharkov highway 180/21;

three kiosks on the street Verbitsky, 28 and another on Verbitsky, 30;

located right on a bus stop kiosk on the Avenue Bazhana,3;

shop with fishing tackle on Dekabristov St., 5;

manicure and Shoe repair on Dekabristov 6 and 6G;

flower shop on trostyanetskaya, 2;

the acceptance of recyclables at the Kharkov highway, 158;

two shops on the Kharkiv highway, 160;

two LFA’s on the street Verbitsky, 16, and 36 B and 60 sqm at Verbitsky, 36B;

shopping on the Kharkiv highway, 166;

the kiosk on the Kharkiv highway, 152;

the grill-bar on the Kharkiv highway, 156;

kiosk with food and store tires in Kharkiv highway 146 and 144;

shop with seafood and kiosk Verbitsky, 32;

grocery store Ermolino on Grigorenko, 15;

the kiosk at the intersection of Grigorenko and St. Zdolbunivskiy;

the kiosk on the street, 9;

grocery kiosk, shop with pastries and bread on Anna Akhmatova str., 14, and 16 and 15, a nail Studio in Akhmatova, 3;

cafe on Dragomanova, 19;

the reception of recyclables in the garage on the street Sribnokilska, 16;

flower shop on Zdolbunivska, 7;

two kiosks on the street Chavdar;

bread street Smith, 6;

manicure and shop at mishugi, 1/4;

shop 100 sq. m. str near the lake;

several private Kiosks on the Avenue Bazhana;

credit setup with microloans at the intersection of the street and Pascalina and other structures.

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