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The degradation of television – now there was nothing to fix

Деградация телевидения - теперь уже ничего не исправитьThere is nobody not a secret that news programs on TV to watch, it makes no sense. All the news on the TV there late in the afternoon, in the Internet we learn the news before because, periodically look in the Internet with its social networks.

In fact, TV has an audience of 50+ or more popular in remote areas, where problems with the Internet. Children under school age are watching cartoons completely helpless, using them as a background to his childhood pastimes. Such is the lot of modern television. Any reasonable person would say this TV should die or alternatively be a tool of state influence on mass.


The Internet is full of pluralism, anarchy and thousands of points of view. On television the government would pursue its policy. But as stupid and inept as that makes it the Russian state. Political talk show on the Central channels, it’s so redundant, not original, monotonous and absolutely not effective.

I’ll let you call yourself a patriot of the Russian state, but even I’m disgusted to watch and listen to the discussion of the same, every day with the same participants and presenters. Modern political talk show, not only does not solve the task (to defend the interests of the country and the state), they in fact make absolutely the entire audience.

Did not see it in the state apparatus, the people responsible for the TV. One gets the impression that this is just a political diversion.

Absolutely vulgar, cynical and immoral talk shows – poking around in the dirty linen of celebrities or put on display all the dirt everyday. Educational moment of such transfers is zero.

Since there’s not even conclude who is right and who is wrong. Why show on the screen of the torturers and abusers and pay them money for participation in the program?

If the Central channels are financed by the state, and it has to be 100% they don’t have to worry about dealing with ratings. The Central TV channels serve to convey to the people of the state position on all questions. On the Central channels, we should see how we should build our lives something to dream about.

Where to stay and how to work advises the government. Recommends as a state to teach young people to treat people. In the end on the TV screen we need to hear from the state how and who will protect us and where should endeavor society.

If I’m not interested in the position or opinion of the state, then to the Internet. But if I want to know the opinion of the state, on TV. But now what is the point of view of the state, reflects Malakhov and others like him? And talk show Solovyov – like medicine which fool swallow weight.

In fact, the TV now works to undermine confidence in the government, and not Vice versa. Why is this happening? Why no one’s sees of the powers that be? As a conclusion – 100% funding from the state budget.
Full control and responsibility for the content. The change of leadership TV, the arrival of new original personalities.

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