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The deceased owner of Soho Rooms suffered a financial collapse, having lost $2 million

Sunday, January 29 in Moscow, died a famous DJ, promoter and one of the founders of night club Soho Rooms, 41-summer Sergey Tkachenko. The man fell from the window of a multistory building on Shmitovsky. As you know, the tragedy happened after a quarrel with a girl.

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Recently it became known new details of the case. As a friend told Tkachenko, former owner of Soho Rooms was the financial problems. The owner of the club Dorffman Sergey Loskutov said “Express newspaper”: “After leaving Soho Rooms he wanted to open a new club in the premises of the cinema “Mir” on the Colored Boulevard. All club Moscow was buzzing as it would be cool and that the whole audience of the Soho Rooms will move there. But then “the World” took Misha Danilov and Sergey were not. He got two million dollars in Odessa. Invested in the construction of the club on the beach. And it washed away during a storm”.


Producer Alexander Shafts also decided to share with the publication problems Tkachenko. Killed the DJ couldn’t find himself a companion and complained about it to friends. “Here it all sick of it. A normal woman can not find” — shared with producer Tkachenko. Shafts give advice to his friend to leave Moscow: “And these women have you ever ruin. Unfortunately, this is what happened”.


We will remind, native Tkachenko made the official announcement, where he spoke about the incident and asked to “stop the gossip and speculation that completely distort the actual events and discredit the name of an honest and a believer.”


“On the morning of 29 January in the apartment of Sergei Tkachenko was a quarrel between him and his girlfriend in which Sergey defended his innocence and feelings for his beloved. In a rush he jumped on the sill of one of the rooms, where, by horrible coincidence, there was a window open, not retaining the balance, Sergei was on the other side of the window, but managed to grab the frame. Sergei kept outdoors in temperatures below 5 degrees, attempted to climb in the window, but physical strength is not enough. After 10 minutes the hands of Sergei could not resist and he fell down. What the outcome of these tragic events, everyone already knows”. Relatives said that parting with Sergey Tkachenko will take place on Wednesday Derbentskom cemetery.

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