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The debts of population for communal growing rapidly

Долги населения за коммуналку стремительно растутIn may, the debt of the population increased by one third

In may 2017 the population debt for the consumed housing services increased by 34.6%, or 6 494,4 million UAH, up to 25 287,6 million UAH, compared to April.

This was reported by the State statistics service.

The debt for rent as of 1 June 2017 increased by 199,8 million UAH, up to 2 869,3 million.

Debt for heating increased by 262,5 million UAH, up to 8 867,3 million.

Debt for gas increased by 5 589,1 million UAH, up to 11 324,7 million.

In may, among the regions with the greatest debt for heating was recorded in Kiev (1 756,206 million UAH), Dnipropetrovsk (1 592,136 million UAH) and Kharkiv (1 695,411 million UAH) regions; for gas – in Dnipropetrovsk (1 531,530 million UAH), Kharkov (1 744,293 million) and Odessa (1 241,097 million UAH) regions.

The greatest arrears of the rent in may was recorded in Dnipropetrovsk (588,279 million green), Donetsk (304,345 million UAH) regions and in Kyiv (million UAH 462,939).

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In April, the debt of the population for consumed housing and communal services decreased by 13.3%, or 2 894,9 million UAH, up to 18 793,2 million UAH in comparison with March.

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