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The debts of Gazprom rose to a record 2,433 trillion rubles

Долги "Газпрома" выросли до рекордных 2,433 триллионов рублей

Despite the jump in gas prices in Europe and a sharp increase of supply in all key markets, net debt monopoly soared to a new historic level of 2,433 trillion rubles.

Revenues of Gazprom from gas sales to the EU surged by 1.4 times (up to 1.7 trillion roubles). In the domestic market by raising tariffs was able to collect 9% more (508 billion), three-quarters of total revenue (3,971 trillion rubles). But all this was not enough to ineffective and ambitious “national heritage.”

Of the total revenue 3,971 trillion exorbitant operating expenses, which soared by 14% and amounted to 3,035 trillion rubles, “ate” all the advantages of the extreme favourable market conditions, writes Of the remaining profits to 947 billion rubles, according to report according to IFRS, 83%, or 791 billion rubles, “Gazprom” has spent on the geopolitical projects in the construction of pipelines to China, Europe and bypass Ukraine.


To add to this service a huge total debt of Gazprom, which increased by 101 billion rubles, up to 3,366 trillion rubles, and it turns out up to half of the “hole” in the budget of the holding. Minus 27 billion roubles – these are the sad results when the second-capitalization company in the world.

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