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The death penalty and euthanasia is already with us

Смертная казнь и эвтаназия уже с нами

Life in Russia is arranged so that without any action of the officials both of the Institute have become a daily reality.

High officials are discussing the possibility of legalizing euthanasia in Russia, and deputies of the state Duma offered to return the death penalty. Polls show that most citizens support both ideas. Almost for the first time in a long time, the power of the people United. The question arises: why has increased in the society sombre macabre mood?

Proof passionate, generated by the state Duma discussion of the new category of citizens who become the victim of a Restructuring — similar to the victims of political repression with social benefits. By the way, the victims of Restructuring, according to opinion polls, consider themselves to be a quarter of the citizens, and wishing to obtain benefits under this article half as much, that speaks about the ironic attitude of the population to management initiatives.

So, we do not need to exhaust time and energy to debate whether to return the death penalty and whether to allow euthanasia, because our life is arranged so that without any code, both of the Institute became a reality. The level of health care in a country that is proud is in sixth place in the world in terms of GDP (PPP), is shamefully low. In terms of per capita, the Russian state spends on the treatment of their citizens is less than poor Romania or our partner in BRICS Brazil.

What can we say about rich countries: Norway, which, like Russia, lives at the expense of the nurse, oil, spends resident is 23 times more resources than we do. In Russia, for 2020-2022 years, budgetary spending on healthcare will amount to 2.9% of GDP. This is 3-4 times lower than in the countries “the big seven”. However, the West, as we’ve established, withers and rots, so every Anglo-Saxons have constantly illness to withdraw. We have strong ties and spirituality juices poured.

Health care reform has brought decent for its time, the Soviet medicine to the consumptive state. In Russia today, patients often use so that the treatment seems to be euthanasia, what they say, accidentally caught in a rundown provincial hospital are foreigners. Seriously, to talk about euthanasia we used to, because most Russians simply have no choice. Before you raise the issue of euthanasia, we must learn to live with dignity and to be treated with dignity. If the government in the present state of health and social welfare panders to these discussions, this seems blasphemous.

Similar thoughts arise on the death penalty. Too many strange murders of inconvenient people — Boris Nemtsov, Sergei Magnitsky, Anna Politkovskaya, Natalya Estemirova, Yuri Shchekochikhin, Alexander Litvinenko Believed the society to the judicial verdicts? Not always the murder has political overtones. In 2017 in jail was killed, the Executive Director of “Roskosmos” Vladimir Evdokimov. The investigation stalled, soon aliens will start to sin…

In Russian prisons a year die about four thousand people, or seven people per thousand inmates, while the average in Europe this figure is 2.8. The number of suicides in our prisons more than 450 cases per year, much more than in any European country. Thus, even for accidentally transgressed the law of man dear prison — walking on a thin blade with a fatal risk.

The cruelty of our government — her darling indelible stain. The state is much easier to accept the harsh law than to mitigate it, even if it is obvious that machine-gun fire ricocheted of the sentences by the state itself. The proportion of acquittals that take out our judges, — 0,25%, 40 times less than in the peak of the Great terror under the tyrant Stalin. Do not whine! As the Zheglov, punishment without guilt does not happen.

How many times has the President publicly and convincingly talked about the fact that the security forces ruin and nightmare business. Losses in the hundreds of billions! The last time was in may at the end of “straight line” Putin has given the Commission to exclude the application of article 210 criminal code (Organization of criminal community) in the economic cases against Russian business. Deadline: 1 August, but still the order has not been executed. Intimidated businessmen, meanwhile, pull up stakes and curtail investment. The credibility of law enforcement agencies and the court is at the level of absolute zero.

Is it any wonder the gloomy mindset that gripped the society? Seems like the optimism has disappeared from our lives. Today, only in yellow house you can hear songs like “Oh, well in the country Soviet to live” or “Easily on heart from a song cheerful” who sang the country. Now other motives — “I took refuge in the basement, I cut leather belts, styanuvshih weak chest”. But these songs will soon fall under the ban, because you can see the harmful propaganda…

It would be perfectly simple to explain to a sad and even doomed mood of long economic hardship. Not even long, and hopeless, without a spark of hope. We do not understand macroeconomics, but we know that Primakov for six months after the terrible crisis raised the GDP by 24%. We know that ridiculous trump has heated up the U.S. economy as could not be any intelligent President. We read that Lenin’s NEP for a few years, brought the country back to the prosperous level of 1913. Even the fascist Franco made the economy prosperous. Our government can’t. So long that sneaking feeling that he didn’t want. What are we to rejoice? One word — tower and cover, in the sense of euthanasia…

Business is intimidated. Now we have to face down citizens. And then went conversations that grew unwhipped generation. But it is to the detriment of young people. Because people are children, without rigor on a certain path, like a neighbor happened to pull. How else to explain the beyond the severity of sentences at the “Moscow riots”, which was not at all.

Trend of universal bitterness is reinforced by the erection of fences in the information space, under the good pretext to limit the influence of foreigners on the immature minds. While not cancelled, the strategic course of modernization and the digital revolution. But the whole history of the Russian state shows that to make up for the technological gap was possible only in periods of openness and cooperation with the West. And the closeness, still in the era of Nicholas I or Brezhnev, inevitably led to a heavy defeat. We respect the history as any science, so why step on a rake?

And, as they say, on the road, another offer of power from the same cemetery row — the intensive care unit of the sobering-up stations, which in Soviet times served as the unofficial Keeper of the national cultural code. This place is the final and tragic point of spiritual wandering, a Russian man who trying to find inner harmony, is torn between sobriety and drunkenness, and because of the fatal propensity to extremes, completes them in a dark and tragic clouding. Our detox — svojstvenny foreign euthanasia…

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