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The daughter of Timothy playing with a gun, provoked a storm of criticism on the Network

Two year old daughter Timothy Alice is a real Tomboy: the girl likes to go to the black and together with his father engage in extreme sports. The rapper himself in awe of the fact that the successor of the growing “bandit”, not good.

Toys girls teen. Recently, the rapper has published in Instagram photo on which Alice is holding a gun. “When dolls and Teddy bears are much less interesting than the toys from dad’s wardrobe))”, — has signed a snapshot of Timothy (Spelling and punctuation authors hereinafter. — Approx. ed.).

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Photo girls with guns aroused the indignation of the followers of the rapper. Many did not appreciate the joke of the musician and accused him of neglect of his daughter: “abnormal children more likely to die! The child is in danger”, “This is not a toy,” “fun is fun, but God forbid… Children should not see such things at home!!”, “Timur, you have brains, the child is in the hands of a gun??? Stick, and then once a year shoots. What’s next — the next photo is my daughter boteksnoe lips?”

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Some believe that the picture of Alice holding a toy gun and it’s no big deal: “Probably a plastic toy gun, the boys are playing war games-shooting, it’s fine, no one is outraged, and there’s a girl, so what kipish raised”. Himself Timothy left critical reviews with no response.

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