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The daughter of singer Danko with cerebral palsy first appeared on the scene in the charity show

With the birth of the youngest daughter Agatha singer Danko (real name — Alexander Fadeyev) and his wife Natalie are fighting for the health of the child. The girl was born with a diagnosis of multicasts of the brain and cerebral palsy. As reported by doctors, midwives, Agatha will never be able to talk, walk, feed themselves and even recognize loved ones. However, the parents of the baby do not lose hope, and treatment is already yielding first results: Agatha learned to eat from a bottle, keep your head and laugh. For the baby it is a great achievement. She is now learning to walk independently.

16 April in the shopping center “Vegas” is a charity concert that Danko was organized in support of the agates. During the song “Baby” on the stage stood the eldest daughter of singer Sophia with her younger sister on her hands. This touching moment left no one indifferent.

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Publication of Gelyara (@gelyara.V.) APR 16 2017 at 2:38 PDT

Later in Instagram actor thanked everyone for their support and reported that the treatment of Agatha managed to collect more than 60 thousand rubles.

“Yesterday, our charity Foundation “Open Hearts” set four boxes for gathering donations to help Agatha. Yesterday, I personally saw what a huge and kind hearts of our people!!! I especially remember when the Boxing came the boy with his mother, and put five hundred rubles and said, “I know what it is.” And then, I saw how they approached their dad with a wheelchair in which sat his sister.
I also remember when one of the boxes a man came up and simply threw a bundle of 5,000 notes and silently, not stopping, disappeared in the crowd… During the concert and afterwards, people just came to the pits and put there money. In the end, three of the Boxing standing of the concert assembled for the evening 63 991 rouble”, — said Danko (Spelling and punctuation more. — Approx. ed.).

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Care of Alexander and Natalia about her daughter has become an example for many parents who find themselves in a similar situation. The couple claim to believe in the best and not to give up. Danko and his wife often resorted to unconventional methods of treatment. Agata recently held a music therapy and acupuncture.

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