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“The dark tower” will unite all new adaptation of the king?

From Stephen king already has its own literary universe and adaptations of these books in bulk — in the movies and on television. However, all of them still were scattered. And on the eve of a powerful new wave Kingovskoy Prime suspect: what if they’re all interconnected?

This year’s full-length films “It” and “the Dark tower” stormed the cinemas, on the small screens to debut the series “Shadows”, “castle Rock” and “Mr. Mercedes”. And “castle Rock” already promises to combine some stories of the King of horror shared universe, but it is likely that this universe will be born early and on the big screen.

As we reported on Monday fresh video content, “the Dark tower” was shown at CinemaCon in Las Vegas. And attending a private screening reporter Variety drew attention to the unexpected reference to other significant work Seya king novel “the Shining”. Like, in the scene where the boy Jake is talking with a therapist about his strange dreams, there is a photograph of a mountain resort. The The Overlook Hotel? Or in other words, literally cut off from the earth the place where an aspiring writer and experienced alcoholic Jack TORRANCE goes crazy and runs around with an axe with a hammer in your family? Why not?

In the end Easter eggs in the film — something pleasant but not amazing. But Rory Bruer, the man, head of global distribution at Sony Pictures, said at the same Convention that the film interwoven threads connecting him with a group of other bestsellers king, which includes, among other things, the novels “It” and “salems Lot”. And both these names are flashed in the teaser of “castle Rock”, which is also pulling back their strings. Not too tight all these upcoming premieres intertwined? More like a spider web, a network that connects all into one.

How is that possible? We don’t know. All of these projects are owned by different studios, channels, companies. It is unlikely that they were able to agree on this ambitious project. And the series “the Dark tower” serves as the backbone of the entire work of Stephen king, so maybe her adaptation will be a pillar supporting the new cinematic universe?

Knowsley. Kinosalona. Kingofsanda.

Anyway, climb to the summit of “the Dark tower” we will be able 28 July 2017.

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