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The dark tower for family viewing. An hour and a half

Some news about the arrow of Roland and his eternal enemy the Man in black. And it’s not that the news was very good…

First, it became known that the duration of the film “the Dark tower” is only 95 minutes. That is an epic journey with Roland to the Tower is just over one and a half hours of screen time.

The author of a literary cycle on the basis of which was created this picture, Stephen king reassures fans, alluding to the fact that the film won’t be the last, so it’s time, they say, is enough for everything. I believe you, because there is more series coming up. To believe something to believe in, but a check on the memory set: epic blockbuster in length, one and a half hours, hmm.

Director Nikolai Arcel on this occasion said the following:

This film actually serves as the introduction to the Saga, and I always understood that we should not try to cram every part of this vast mythology, including all the wonderful characters and all the storylines in one movie. It is obvious that the story will continue in the future of the film and the TV series. I hope in the end of it all there will be nothing in the novels [Stephen king] that we would somehow not affected.

The second news is also hardly fun. Rating Association MPAA officially awarded “the Dark tower” rating of PG-13 with the words “for the theme of the film, including the action and the firing of a gun.”

PG-13 is almost a family movie, but it is more and more widely. The budget of the movie is not that huge, but quite decent – $ 60 million. And the money necessary to repel with a vengeance to shoot a sequel. In General, the calculation of the Studio clear. That’s only in recent years in fashion beginning to become more rigid film with an R rating…

It is even more interesting. This year out almost one after the other, two major film adaptation of the works of Stephen king. “The dark tower”is rated PG-13 will be released on August 3 and “It” is rated R! – a month later, on 7 September. Which one will ultimately collect more cash? Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen!

I would put “It” in spite of a more severe rating, and maybe even because of it.

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