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“The dark tower” by Stephen king will release with covers by Andrew Perizzites

Publishing house “AST”, owns the rights to the publication of the works of Stephen king in Russian, once again release cycle “the Dark tower”. King of Horror we make the active and much – yet the pipeline brings money to stop him makes no sense. “Dark tower” only just begun to re-release with questionable kinoonline dedicated to a no less questionable film adaptation, as the approach is another option. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

And it is much more attractive.

In the autumn (roughly October) will go on sale in the first volume “the Dark tower” in the new design, and execution is otherwise not pretty. However, the artist Andrew Feres has long established itself at its best, his work almost always stand out against the dull covers of contemporary book publishing and get stuck in memory. And then just a holiday for you!

Feres has issued a series of “Dark Tower – NEO”, and we already have the covers for six volumes. Why only six volumes? The fact that the first of them is a thousand-page omnibus that includes three books of the cycle: “Strelok”, “Removing three” and “Badlands”. The brick will be notable. The rest of the novels (including “the Wind through the keyhole”) received full publication.

A total of six books with beautiful covers – a great gift for fans. And if you don’t have paper “Towers” in the collection, it’s time to fix it. According to preliminary data, all the books worth waiting for a sale before the New year.

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