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The dark secrets of Egypt in gorgeous IMAX-poster of “the Mummy”

The upcoming remake of”the Mummy” already overgrown promotional materials quite abundantly, so that they could collect if not the entire film as a whole, then a significant part of it. We are already familiar with the resurrected Pharaoh’s daughter will Amanet, and with fighting the main character, Nick Morton, and the mysterious Dr. Jekyll in entertaining videos from the set.

Today, we can do without spoilers, but look at the two cool poster, designed for cinemas, where the new “the Mummy” will be in IMAX 3D. And, judging by the trailers, look really is – expected to be very vigorous action with spectacular picture, and the cast is wonderful. The wait is quite a bit – the Russian premiere will take place on 8 June.

The special forces unit spends in the desert operation to neutralize a group of terrorists. Descending into the bunker, they find the enemy, but find an ancient sarcophagus, which decide return to base for further study. However, during the flight there is a series of strange events, which a military plane crashed. All who were on Board were killed, and only nick Morton miraculously managed to survive. Later he learns that the military has discovered an ancient tomb of the daughter of the Egyptian Pharaoh — Amanet. Thousands of years later she returned to our world and is now going to take back what is rightfully hers…

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