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The daring robbery that went down in history. Photo

Дерзкие ограбления, вошедшие в историю. ФотоThese thefts were committed by thieves with ambition.

What do you think is it possible to steal the Empire state building is a 102-story skyscraper? It’s impossible, you say. However, this happened actually. Did you know that the famous Leonardo da Vinci painting the Mona Lisa, too, was once stolen? See we have 10 of the most audacious thefts in history. Some of the stolen treasures still not found.

Дерзкие ограбления, вошедшие в историю. Фото

1. “Mona Lisa”.
One of the most daring theft in history was the kidnapping of the Louvre’s famous paintings by the great masters Leonardo da Vinci — the Mona Lisa. It happened in 1911. Vincenzo Peruggia was working at the Louvre glazier. One day he noticed that the picture no guards and could not resist the temptation to steal it. Vincenzo went straight to the painting, removed it from the wall, on the stairs got rid of the frame, then hid the Mona Lisa under his coat and, as if nothing had happened, left the Museum. For two years he kept her in his Paris apartment in a suitcase with a double bottom. The robber was caught trying to sell stolen painting in Italy. (Photo by Kenny (zoompict) Teo/

Дерзкие ограбления, вошедшие в историю. Фото

2. “The scream”.
“The scream” by Edvard Munch is one of the most recognizable paintings in the world. It hangs next to the famous painting Mona Lisa, and also became a victim of daring robbers. Munch 1863-1944 lived in and during his life wrote several versions of this famous portrait. In 2004, two armed masked men burst into the Munch Museum in Oslo and threatened the guards with violence, grabbed the painting “the Scream” and ran out of the Museum. Two years about the fate of the stolen works of art, nothing was known. Suddenly, a stolen painting, suddenly found, but under what circumstances is silent. (Photo: BangsUndeveloped/

Дерзкие ограбления, вошедшие в историю. Фото

3. Shoes Dorothy from the movie “the Wizard of Oz”.
Spangled Slippers of red satin, in which Dorothy (Judy garland) wore in the famous 1939 film “the Wizard of Oz”, estimated at 1-2 million dollars. At the time, this pair is one of the four famous “witch’s shoes” — can be seen in the Judy garland Museum in Grand rapids, Michigan. In 2005, the shoes just disappeared. Nobody saw anything and nobody could say how they disappeared. Although investigators had two suspects, the case remained unsolved. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons).

Дерзкие ограбления, вошедшие в историю. Фото

4. Works of art from the Museum Isabella Stewart Gardner in Boston.
It was a theft, which the world has never seen. Rembrandt, Vermeer, Degas, Manet… priceless pictures disappeared like a stone in water. The famous painting “the Concert” by Vermeer. (Photo: Mia Feigelson/

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18 March 1990. Early in the morning. Two men dressed as police officers enter the Museum Isabella Stewart Gardner in Boston. They had to know that the Museum was not guarded very well. The robbers easily have linked the two inexperienced guards, and gagged their mouths. And then more hours (or rather the 81 minute) chose pictures that will take. The most valuable of the stolen paintings is “the Concert” by Vermeer is one of only 36 known works by the Dutch master, valued at $ 250 million. A total of daring robbers stole 13 paintings worth at least five hundred million dollars. What happened next with the paintings and where they are now, it is still not known.

Дерзкие ограбления, вошедшие в историю. Фото

5. The Empire State Building.
Yes, Yes, this is a huge 102-story building located in Manhattan in new York, too, once has been stolen. But it was not a real theft, but only a provocation. Two journalists from the “Daily News” in just 90 minutes forged documents, confirming their right to possession of the building. They presented the officials of the notary act, which was signed by the present notary, and of the legendary Bank robber, Willie Sutton. In municipal documents have created such a mess that no one will notice the trick. Journalists spent the whole day in possession of a gorgeous building, and then admitted that he forged documents to show how easy it is to messed up to steal even a skyscraper. (Photo: Vivienne Gucwa/

Дерзкие ограбления, вошедшие в историю. Фото

6. Saliere gold Italian salt shaker.
Saliere was made in the sixteenth century Benvenuto Cellini — Italian sculptor and goldsmith by order of the French king Francis I. According to experts, its market price is $ 65 million.

In the night from 10 to 11 may 2003 during the reconstruction of the facade of the Museum Salière was stolen. As it turned out later, the thief was tech Museum Robert Manga. The Museum offered a reward for help finding Salière in the amount of 70 thousand euros. But she was found only three years later buried in a metal box in the woods in Austria. Committed theft Robert Mang claimed that he just wanted to prove the ineffectiveness of the security system in the Museum, but the court did not believe him and was sent to jail for four years. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons).

Дерзкие ограбления, вошедшие в историю. Фото

7. Bell monks from Tacoma.
Steal 1360-pound bell from a Buddhist monastery — that is a real impertinence. The theft occurred in Tacoma, Washington. The local police came to the conclusion that if thieves were not super heroes with unearthly powers, in the time of the theft had to use at least a forklift and a truck, and somebody had to hear something. However, thieves are so quiet stole a huge bell that none of the monks nothing suspicious heard. The inhabitants of the monastery were unable to assess the value of the stolen property, but for them, the bell was made in Vietnam, was priceless. He was found only three years later, when someone tried to sell it for scrap. The prospective buyer went straight to the police and thus caught the thieves. (Photo:Reuters).

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Дерзкие ограбления, вошедшие в историю. Фото

8. “The biggest closet in the world.”
It was the biggest dressing room in the world, so at least it was called media, and her mistress was a 52-year-old Theresa Roemer, a businesswoman and former Miss Texas. Three-storey dressing room has an area of over 300 square meters. In it for 30 years, were assembled a large collection of expensive handbags, shoes “Louboutin”, dresses and accessories worth more than $ 2 million.

In early August of this year, the wardrobe Mrs. Remer was kidnapped. When her husband was not at home, the robbers snuck in through the bathroom window. As later admitted by the owner, she forgot to close the window and turn on the alarm. Thieves stole not only designer clothes and accessories, but also a medallion with a lock of hair of the deceased son of Theresa Roemer. The investigation is still ongoing, and the perpetrators walk in freedom. (Photo: Press releases).

Дерзкие ограбления, вошедшие в историю. Фото

9. The bones of dinosaurs.
Four years ago, the news around the world reported that a man named Eric Prokopi (Eric Prokopi) is a native of Florida, stole the bones of the dinosaur skeletons from Mongolia, the cost of which was estimated at $ 1 million. He even managed to smuggle the bones in the United States, but was caught when he tried to sell them at auction. Surprisingly, the offender received a very light sentence — just a month in prison. Dinosaur bones were returned to Mongolia. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons).

Дерзкие ограбления, вошедшие в историю. Фото

10. Violin Davidoff-Morini Stradivarius.
This case was in the top 10 thefts of works of art, which is the FBI. In October 1995, in the apartment of renowned violinist Erica Morini, was stolen a Stradivarius violin from 1727, which was estimated to cost $ 3.5 million. Still don’t understand why someone stole it, since selling it is impossible, since the black market for such Antiques do not exist. What makes the theft even more audacious and tragic, is the fact that Erica Morini was at home then. She died during the attack, she was 91. The case of the missing violin Davidoff-Morini Stradivarius is still not solved. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons).

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