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The Danish police started inspecting the submarine “Nautilus”

Полиция Дании начала проверку подлодки "Наутилус"Local law enforcement agencies are trying to unravel the tangle of confusion which for a long time been nerasprodannye.

Danish police announced that is investigating the submarine inventor Peter Madsen, which was probably brutally murdered journalist Kim Vallee. On it informs Agency AFP, reports RFI.

Law enforcement officers are looking for in a submarine “the secret room” and weapons.

Police said they examined an 18-metre boat Nautilus with a cargo scanner. The police want to make sure the sub is not left unexplored.

On 11 August the submarine sank due to problems with the ballast tank. Madsen was rescued, and a journalist, were with him on Board, went missing. Later they found her body in the sea without the head and limbs.

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