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The Danish authorities built a wall to protect it from German wild boars

Власти Дании построят стену для защиты от немецких кабанов African swine fever brings farmers huge losses.

The Danish authorities want to stop the spread of African swine fever, which can bring billion loss.

The Danish Parliament approved the construction of a four-foot fence with a length of 70 km along the border with Germany. It needs to prevent the movement of wild boars and the spread of African swine fever.

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Fence construction could begin in the fall.

The African plague has already spread in some countries of Eastern Europe and the Danish authorities want to protect themselves from it in advance.

The fever may bring a loss of about one billion euros.

As established scientists, the new virus of pigs can be dangerous to humans. It opened in 2012 and PDCoV virus, which is able to penetrate human cells and certain types of Pets, including cats. He has become the cause of disease of pigs in China and the United States.

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