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The Czechs shocked the Russian talk show

Чехи шокированы российскими ток-шоу

In particular, residents of the former socialist Republic was struck by the idea of theseproperties that a Jew can be a neo-Nazi.

Rare Russian will be able to name the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic (his name is Andrew Babish), slightly higher number remember the President (Milos Zeman), but almost half the country now knows by name and face Pavel Novotny, head of the Prague city district of Reporyje. No matter what the area is on the very edge of the city and its administration could well be called a village Council. Know he is strong, just against him personally thrown by the press service of the Russian foreign Ministry, as well as the full power of the propaganda artillery led by Vladimir Zhirinovsky, and star of the television Duo Kabaevoy-Popova with TV channel “Russia — 1”.

“I wrote from Moscow a friend, with whom no contact for fifteen years”, – the affected teacher of the Charles University in Prague. It is interesting, normal people live in the district of Reporyje, if there is a head jerk.

In this way, the Russian TV channels tried to put Paul Novotny. However, you can argue who looked stupid in the program “60 minutes.” Perhaps because Novotny himself, in Czech, however, the standards, the master of the media scandal. Long time worked in the local equivalent of “Komsomolskaya Pravda” newspaper “Shine”, and before to be elected a prefect, a few months worked as a scriptwriter at the “Czech Soloveva” – TV presenter Jaromir Soukup from channel “Barrandov”.

In any case, for the first time probably in 2014 and Russia’s annexation of Crimea, and maybe it is for the first, the Czechs together watch Russian television. Social networks jammed with hyperlinks on the air “Central TV”. And I must say that these programs produced the most watched strong impression. In a country where Prime time on public television can be a talk show about mother nature, a riot of passions esters with Zhirinovsky, Skobeevo, Popov and other Russian stars, politicians and television is a revelation.

Creek and almost fights (that they haven’t seen everything) live shocking restrained Chekov even more than the proposal of the leader of the liberal democratic party to enter their country again, as in 1968, tanks. What already accustomed to the national talk shows is digested by Russians almost without a burp, Czech viewers is shocking. As grateful to the Russian audience interested in the mental state of the residents of the district of Reporyje, Prague people ask: “They are generally there normal?” And answers, which is clearly not quite.

Political career Novotny, and possibly professional as the host of some talk show now probably not to worry. He became widely known not only in Russia but also in the Czech Republic. About it and also about the Russian TV, Kremlin propaganda and in General our country is written, it seems, all leading Czech edition of any political orientation.

In the end, Russia’s reputation has suffered irreparable damage. Clips from broadcasts of Russian TV channels, equipped with Czech subtitles, went far beyond the circle of the “fighters against the Russian threat” or, on the contrary, a professional “fans strong hand of Vladimir Putin.” They massively look people for whom Russia for many years was outside of their personal and professional interests.

Regardless of their policies in the eyes of most Czechs, our country appeared as a large and, shall we say, serious. Serious potential enemy of NATO or, on the contrary, serious and profitable trading partner of the Czech Republic, a serious successor of the USSR, or, at worst, a serious, big country, a little wild, Northern, militaristic, but still impressive.

Now they saw what was previously seen only Russians. All this propaganda “for internal use”, as condescendingly explained to the Kremlin experts, when asked, will not affect adversely the circus of evil clowns on the international positions of the Russian Federation. And here the Czechs revealed that the largest TV stations in this country broadcast live something similar to a drunken brawl in a brothel.

This is a very aggressive – some write in social networks. Aggressive and stupid – adds other. Aggressive, stupid and funny, – says the third. And the fourth reason that the mayor of the district Prague-Reporyje always looked silly and banal, but against the background of Russian TV presenters and participants of the talk show he turned out to be quite normal. Rose beyond the Russian audience, the Kremlin’s propaganda teaches us not to respect Russia and is not even afraid of her, but only to mock it, which successfully makes Pavel Novotny.

The icing on the cake — the seriousness with which Novotny accused is not a strange idea to put “in the area” monument to Vlasov, and neither more nor less in the “revival of Nazism”. Him, a Jew by birth, a major problem which in the recent past was not a Russian TV crew, and local anti-Semites, who from time to time sent him threatening letters. A Jewish neo-Nazi — this is probably the only Russian television broadcast may appear. Unless, of course, not to mention crazy.

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