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The cyclone Ukraine are waiting for abnormal frosts

Из-за циклона Украину ждут аномальные морозыIn Kyiv is expected to significantly cold.

“The country” continues the project “Battle of forecasts” the weather forecast for the week in Kiev. We collected data from 6 to 13 February, the six leading meteoritov of the country. At the end of the week, we will compare the forecasts with what has actually happened, to name the most truthful and the most unreliable of them.

It will snow three days in a row, from 6 to 8 February, but on Tuesday he will become weaker. Also from Tuesday until Friday sharply colder down to -10 in the day and -20 at night. The coldest day will be Thursday, 9 February, when the weather is clear. On the weekend warmer.

According to “Reuters” the week begins with a snowfall. It will snow until Wednesday, but Tuesday will be weaker. Tuesday colder. The day promise to -8…-12. Night -14…-21.

Из-за циклона Украину ждут аномальные морозы

The website predicts that the snow in Kiev will go from Wednesday, inclusive. Thursday will be clear weather, at the end of the week will be cloudy, but no rain.

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Tuesday turned cold up to -10 to -14. The coldest days in the week will be Wednesday and Thursday: -10…-20. Friday a little warmer: -5…-11.

Из-за циклона Украину ждут аномальные морозы

The website Gismeteo promises frosty jump to -25 in the middle of the week. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday the temperature will be -9…-11 and -13 day…-25 night.

As for the rain the snow will go on 6,7 and 8 Feb. 9 Feb will be Sunny (it is the coldest day of the week), and then precipitation in the form of snow will continue and will warm up to -5 to -12.

Из-за циклона Украину ждут аномальные морозы

The website reports that the snow this week will go 3 days: from Monday to Wednesday. Thursday – the sun, then partly cloudy.

Monday -9…-5. Colder then -10..-20. The weekend will warm up to -4…-10.

Из-за циклона Украину ждут аномальные морозы

According М, heavy snow will be held on Monday. As precipitation, but weaker expected 7,8 and 11,12 Feb.

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The week will start with -5..-6. Then colder to day -11 and -13 -19…night. Day Friday will warm up to -8 on the weekend, is expected to -6…-11.

Из-за циклона Украину ждут аномальные морозы

The website Оpogode gives a radically different forecast. So, on 6 February he writes about the clear weather. The sun promised on Wednesday. On Tuesday, the snow, the rest of the time, partly cloudy weather without precipitation.

As for temperature, the cooling resource is also not seen. All week day will be -1…-2. At night -1…-9.

Из-за циклона Украину ждут аномальные морозы

Last week, the weather in Kyiv was the following:

January 30, Monday – 10, clear;
January 31, Tuesday – 8, clear;
February 1, Wednesday – 8, cloudy;
February 2, Friday – 5, overcast;
3 February, Saturday -3, sleet;
February 4, -3 cloudy Sunday;

Thus, the most accurate forecast was made М the most inaccurate – Оpogode.

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