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The curse of the fifth dimension: Alena Vodonaeva openly talked about breast augmentation surgery

Recently Alena Vodonaeva has executed the old dream — the presenter reduced the chest from the fifth to less than a third the size. The star did not hide that is going to go under the surgeon’s knife and talked publicly about how everything went. Revelation Alena sparked heated debate on the Network. In her column for Vodonaeva decided to respond to criticism and frequently asked questions.

Alena before surgery


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“I understand why most normal people criticized the wave of tasteless plastic, in which the last decade mired our country. She sometimes annoyed craze at the identical puppet noses, rubber lips, the dumplings and the cheeks, which after a time will begin to droop with Bryl, like my neighbor’s Shar Pei Bonki. Annoying only for the reason that you can’t understand who greets me in the Elevator: Kate or Irina. They all look the same. And the rest… I care not,” said star.

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Alyona after surgery
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Alena outraged, why did she have adult and independent girl, who is not just so, and, of necessity, resorted to the surgeon, needs to be justified. Vodonaeva believes that it can be understood only by those women who, like herself, with the growth of 175 centimeters and weight of 57 to 58 pounds are the owners of the outstanding forms of the fifth dimension.

Alena before surgery

According to the presenter, already in the tenth grade, she had a third breast size, and in the first year of the Institute — five. Alena admitted that she was too difficult to find beautiful lingerie. “It looked good only on the unity of the two, and when I tried it on, everyone always protruding from the top and sides. Some pornostar. And the bra of my plan often looked as boring as boiled cabbage. In any way,” — said Vodonaeva.

Alena before surgery

Alena believes that men never understand. The presenter told us that young people always liked her Breasts. “Men have always liked my large Breasts. Especially at the level of their faces. Preferably without a bra and having a little bounce before my eyes. But there is nothing worse and more absurd than jealous guy to my Boobs,” admitted the star. In his student years, Alena had a boyfriend, who worshiped her Breasts. It was like a fetish; he gave them names and even said Hello.

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Alyona after surgery

“It seemed that all these years the chest lived by its own rules. When I recovered, it became even more when he lost weight, his chest was melting. During pregnancy and is increased by three sizes,” — said Vodonaeva.

Alena before surgery

Six years TV presenter had dreamed about the surgery, went to counseling and have chosen a doctor whom you can trust your bust. “It is a conscious desire, and I’m not hiding anything, pay for itself. Girls, and you say: feel free to do what you want. Most importantly — on request and with a sober look,” concluded the star.

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