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“The curse of Annabelle: the Birth of horror” can repeat the success of “Away”? The first reviews of the film!

World premiere of the film “the Curse of Annabelle: the Birth of horror” (Annabelle: Creation) is scheduled for August 9, Russia – on August 8, 2017, but, of course, private screenings of preview for the press and specialized publications already are – and there are the first reviews, reviews from critics. And yet – yet! is entirely positive reviews!

The prequel film “the Curse Annabelle” took David F. Sandberg, the Creator of horror “And the lights go out…”. And Mr. Sandberg promised that his film will be better than the first part. Moreover, he believes that “the Origin of terror” will be “the Godfather 2″ for horror movies about dolls”.

And while it seems that the film is really good. On the website Rotten Tomatoes in “the Origin of terror” 100% approval rating from critics. Know what it’s like? For the super success of the horror-Thriller “Off,” which had long held the approval rating at the level of 100% and even longer – until now! – holds the bar at 99%. For genre cinema such indicators on the RT is a VERY, very high.

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Need I remind you how really good was “Away” and what money he collected? Jordan Saw the film became a huge hit in the United States, and in Russia, even though the movie is about blacks and racism, managed to gather more than 100 million roubles cash. Repeat the success of “the Origin of terror”?..

In fact, the chances of this is not to say that great. But even if in the end the film will retain the approval rating from critics at the level of 70-80%, this will be a great success – after all we are talking about the prequel, and besides, the prequel not the most beloved movie by critics. A rating of “Annabel” in the same place on the RT is more than a modest 29% approval and an average score less than 5 (10-Balke).

Reviews of the prequel, as you know, there are not very many – just a dozen. What you write about “the Origin of terror”?

Scott Menzel since We Live Entertainment writes:

“The curse of Annabelle: the Birth of horror” claims to be the most inventive and scary film of the year.

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Sarah Layne Wilson of Dread Central’s praises:

It’s definitely a worthy approach – almost the best – to the world of horror kynoselen “Curse”. “The curse of Annabelle: the Birth of horror” best to watch at night, in the dark.

JimmyO representing the website Joblo, brief:

Spooky brew.

Robert Abel of with thewrap notes:

Connoisseurs of the genre may not be shouting and waving his hands terrified along with less experienced and more receptive audience, trying to warn the characters from those did not go where it should not, but still rejoice the elegance that they show.

And Peter Debry from Variety says:

This spectacular, although silly horror movie demonstrates how to scare an audience, and even the ugly doll can throw the trick when you want perfume.

Average rating of the film critics at the moment is high 7.9 points out of a possible 10.

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